Are you tired of feeling like social media runs your life?

Make Social Media Work for You

Stop wasting valuable time posting content that's non-relatable to your target audience. Start sending perfectly curated messages directly to your ideal clients. Learn how to schedule your social media so it runs itself while you reep the benefits.
Are you tired of feeling like social media runs your life?

Learn how to...

  • Curate & Simplify

    Creating content that gets directly in front of your target audience is easy when you know your brands specific and unique messaging.

  • Design Beautiful Content

    Learn how to design striking content that catches your ideal clients eye, along with a perfectly paired caption that converts.

  • Schedule Months in Advance

    Always be visible and at the top of peoples minds by consistently promoting your content to a targeted auidence that wants to see it.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    About the Course
    • About the Course
    • Your Game Plan
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Day 1: Your Target Audience
    • Defining Your Target Audience
    • Basic Ideal Client Information
    • Ideal Client Needs
    • Connecting with your Ideal Client
    • Ideal Client Attributes
    • Putting it Together
    • Where are they?
    • My Target Audience
    • Your Target Audience
  • 3
    Day 2: Your Message and Content Creation
    • Defining Your Brand Message
    • What is your Why?
    • Key Messages
    • Your 5 Key Messages
    • How to Create Content that Reaches Your Target Audience
    • Pillars Brainstorm Freebie
    • Stretch your Content
  • 4
    Day 3: Audit your Social Media
    • Importance of Social Media
    • Instagram
    • PInterest
    • Tailwind Tribes
    • Email List
  • 5
    Day 4: Blogging
    • Why Wedding Planners Need a Blog
    • Blog Post Template
    • Head Line Rehab
    • Content Upgrades
    • Affiliates
  • 6
    Day 5 & 6: Making your Social Media Marketing Plan
    • How to Plan your Instagram
    • Calendar
    • Calendar PDF
    • Blog Template
  • 7
    Bonus: Social Media Growth
    • Instagram Growth
    • Pinterest Growth with Tailwind
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • 8
    Bonus: Scheduling App
    • CoSchedule
    • CoSchedule Video

Bonus material

Also included in your course purchase...

  • Blog and Social Media Planner (printable)

    $65 Value

    Downloadable and printable social media planner, ready for your binder. Includes: Blog post planning template, links to include, affiliate planning, social media sharing, content calendar & key message blog post brainstorm plan.

  • Social Marketing Plan Video

    $40 Value

    Watch as I take you through how to plan your blog post, what to include in your posts, where to share your post, how often to share your post and how to fill the rest of your month with content.

  • Free Access to a Private Facebook Group with Other Students

    Join the private Facebook group to connect with other students where you can ask them and myself questions.

This course is right for you if...

If any one ore more of these points have you saying "me, me me!"

  • You're a wedding planner, designer or florist

  • You feel like Social Media is just a waste of your time

  • You just don't understand the technical aspects of each platform

  • You feel like you are spinning your wheels but you're not seeing any growth

  • You're not reaching the right type of clients you ideally want to work with

Stop wasting time&money on marketing that doesn't convert

Create content that speaks to your ideal audience - Automate your social platforms to make your social networks work for you - Watch your network and ideal clients grow.

Yes! I'm in!


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  • Meagan Eagles

    Meagan Eagles

    From Meagan: “Serendipitously, the wedding industry has always managed to sneak into my life, regardless of my line of work. In a perfect world, my dream was to work as a pastry chef. To be the person that always smells like vanilla and spends her days decorating elaborate wedding cakes. Four AM mornings, not my thing. Instead, I enrolled in business school, where I studied and graduated from Sales and Marketing. The artistic streak remained in my blood long after I left my wedding cake fantasy, which led me to the world of hair and makeup. I found success by running a mobile HM&U business, but still wanted to become more involved in the technicalities of a wedding day. That’s when I found WPIC, and really launched the career of my dreams. Part of my success as a wedding planner leads back to my education in Sales and Marketing and numerous hours of research to stay up to date with changing platforms and algorithms. Having the ability and skills to complete a job, is much different than having the ability to run a successful business. After realizing that so many capable wedding planners were not able to find success in managing their business, I became passionate in helping and encouraging others. I’m currently producing a “Social Marketing for Wedding Planners” course that will educate wedding planners in every aspect of social marketing, from Blogging to Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the (now) smaller social media platforms that you we can still make work for us. I have a fierce love for teaching everything I know, and I can’t wait to share that with you.”